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[sticky post] Hey everyone!

Some of you may know me, I have been writing fanfictions for ages and used to have a different LJ account, which I abandoned after getting various viruses in a row from it. Now I dared to create a new one for the use of advertising my fanfictions. The journal won't be used for much else, though.

I'm most active on Twitter and Tumblr, so for anyone who's interested, please follow me there.

My fanfiction archive:

My Tumblr:




I'm glad to see again in LJ ^_^
I am one of ur fan hehehe
I actually love ur fic 'A second chance'
I read that on ur blog b4. I really wanted to leave a comment that time but I dunno how xD
I don't have account in blog hehe

I'm also ur follower in tumblr ne.
Ciel desu..
Heeey :D
Nice to meet you, and I'm sorry for the trouble, I know my older blog was being a bitch ;) I am posting all of my thing on ao3 now though, you shouldn't have any problem commenting there! Just click the link to my fanfiction archive ;)
Glad to hear you like my fics :D Kore kara mo yoroshiku ne XD