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super cute

[Scans] CD Booklets and 2013 Tour Pamphlet

Hey everyone! I scanned some stuff again, just dropping it off here!

CD Booklets
Real Sexy!/Bad Boys (Limited Versions A & B)
Bye Bye Dubai (Versions K & F)
Kimi ni hitomebore (Limited Versions Type A, B, C, D)
King & Queen & Joker (Versions K, S & F)
Lady Diamond (Limited Version Type B)
One Sexy Zone (Limited Version + HMV Version)
Otoko Never Give Up (Limited Version K & F)
Sexy Power 3 (Limited Version Type A & B + Shop Version K)
Sexy Second (Limited Version Type A + HMV Version K)
Sexy Summer (Limited Version Type B)
Sexy Zone (Limited Version Type C & D)

Tour Pamphlet 2013

Note: The Pamphlet isn't cut or edited, I just uploaded it the way I scanned it, so it's a little messy. Sorry.